Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An open letter to my former students.

This covers a few hundred people out there in the big wide world.  People who have gone on to make some beautiful and powerful contributions to the world.
Such as:
Serve in the military.
Start a non-profit for education in Africa
Work in a demanding health care profession
Debate conservative politics in a respectful manner while attending a liberal leaning university
Get involved in local politics
Invest your life in ministry
Share the world through photography/writing/art
Accept learning/academic challenges head on and become stronger through them
Learn how to be leaders in business, law, technology and many other professions
Become spouses
Become parents
Become servants

You are in many different walks and stages of life.  You may even be in different generations....I don't think about that too often...makes me feel old.

Some of you are no longer with us.

Some of you are about to embark on your student teaching this upcoming semester and will soon have a classroom of your own.

You will work harder than you ever have in any course thus far.....and you will love almost every minute of it.  You will become protective of your young charges and want to see them succeed almost more than they want that for themselves.  You will wonder what they will be when they grow up.  You will laugh and cry with them and about them.  You will cherish every note they leave on your desk or in your mailbox.
You will be a teacher.

Regardless of your place in life, I am so proud of all  of you.

Don't miss the class on that!


Mrs. A  (Miss B)

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