Friday, June 22, 2012

Quantum Physics and Technology

No....really.....  Aren't "they" supposed to teach that stuff in elementary school?  O.K....maybe high school, but still, I missed out on this one.

If I had attended this class then I would understand how my computer functions faster or slower (or not at all) in exact  inverse proportion to how many tasks I need to complete that minute

I might also be able to understand things like the space-time continuum that dictates communication with my printer and wireless connections and the worm hole that the information falls in to before it makes it to where I thought I sent it.  Or maybe I might finally grasp the intricacies of what all those function keys at the top of my keyboard actually DO.

I would also be better prepared to use things like cell phones, apps, and texting instead of resorting to my default of smoke signals or quill and ink on parchment.

Again, my parents are not at fault here.  Both my mom and my dad as well as my 3 siblings work in technology related fields and use tech savvy terms as though they were speaking normal, every day English.  Moi?  Not so much.  Family reunions can sometimes sound like Klingon to me....I just resort to using my high school French because I did NOT miss that class :)

VCR?  yup...still have one, and no the clock is not set.
Home Phone?  yup still have one of those too, and yes it IS plugged into a wall.
Family Calendar/Planner?   Hanging on the PAPER format.
Banking?  No on-line bill pay for this girl! No sireee..... I prefer to have my information stolen by "honest" crooks who actually have to figure out what a paper check is, and what to do with it.   Besides, I consider it my patriotic duty to buy stamps and support the USPS.
Spell Check?  Good Old Merriam Webster sitting by my side. (It is the "new" edition though.)

Blogging????   hmmmmm...lets just say that we won't say how long it took me to get back to my own blog to create this post.

Don't get me wrong.  I like all the things that technology can do for us.   I would probably be just as lost as the next person without it. Literally.  I actually use a GPS to get around....but I use the "old fashioned" kind that plugs into the outlet on the car dash, not the new fangled one on my husband's smart phone.

Sometimes it does get hard though, this having to function in the everyday life of quantum physics and technology.

Because I missed the class on that.

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