Thursday, June 21, 2012


I'm pretty sure I missed the class on organizing.

I'm pretty sure my family would agree with me.

As I sit here at the computer, I can count no less than 5 unfinished projects with-in arms reach.  I dare not turn around to see what lurks behind me in the dark corners of the abyss...I mean office.....

Now, I know that my mom tried really hard to teach this important life skill.  I had to clean my room, do my laundry, complete my chores...etc,etc,etc.  I just  think that there was a class on this topic that they forgot to put on my schedule at school.
I'm thinking this class would have covered things like....

1) making sure every matched sock that went in to the laundry, came out with the same mate.

2) knowing how to make every piece of meat put in the freezer for future meals  come out in time to be defrosted for the scheduled meal.

3) having every penny that goes in to the checking account be accurately recorded as it goes out of the checking account, regardless of how many people use the account.

4) being able to put your hands on all important documents at any given time, whether they are in or out of your immediate sight.  ( BTW Did you know that the bottom of a pile of papers is a BAD place to keep shot records and birth certificates?)

5) containing yourself to only as many hobbies as you can fit in one tote tub before said tote spills out, forcing you to go in to the big-box store where you buy more hobby things on your way out with a second, bigger tote.

6) how to keep your mini-van clean, no matter how many children are getting in and out.

I know this class had to have been taught at some school, somewhere.   I have many friends who have clean cars, accurately balanced checkbooks, matched laundry, and hobby totes that stay neatly contained and nicely closed.  I even have friends who remember to defrost their meat, and know where their shot records are. Most also manage to do this with families much larger than mine. They are amazing people.  I yearn to know what curriculum their schools used, and if the class was a semester, or year-long option. 

Because I'm pretty sure I missed the class on this.


  1. Me too! Maybe we can combine our organizational skills and put together a class. Your's can be couponing, mine can be calendar juggling...

    1. the coupons are one of the projects sitting by my computer :)

  2. I most definitely missed the class on this! Here I sit surrounded with stacks of journals and books and papers...and 50+ writing implements. I promise my room was clean....a few weeks ago.

    - Melody

    1. there is still hope for you Mel...I'm sure it is in next semester's course catalog....somehwere :)