Monday, July 4, 2016

 Bunting, Banners and Baseball

I was recently asked if I missed celebrating Independence Day in Boston...because being the Cradle of the Revolution, it must be so much more exciting to celebrate in New England rather than the quiet and sedate mid-west.

Honestly, the question caught me off guard.  I hadn't thought that much about it before, but suddenly that question became a niggling whisper in the back of my mind this weekend.

Do I?    

If I had been in Boston this week I could have seen:

Boston skyline
The Old State House

Old Ironsides

Instead.... I was in Iowa where I was able to see:

Yankee Doodle Pops
Des Moines July 1

Ready for our town's parade!  July 3

F.D. History :)

What's a parade without farm equipment???

and where else could I have this.....?

1875 Suffragettes
"Votes for Women!"
July 4
1875 Baseball
July 4

 and best of all.....

I "caught" the pitcher!

So while I may miss the security of knowing that any fireworks in Boston are shot off over the the muddy water of the Charles River instead of the not-so-muddy soil of a sun-baked Iowa corn field, I am not missing out on anything else.
We have it all right here.  A community of people who gather to celebrate our Freedom and those who have sacrificed to protect us.  Which is what Independence Day is all 1776, 1875, or  2016.....regardless of your geographical location.

'Cause I didn't miss the class on that!

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