Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

Consider this the Christmas Letter, Alumni Update, New Years Resolution, Bucket List, Life Goal and general, all-round year-in-review extravaganza.
'Cause I missed the class on all of those.

In 2013 I successfully:
drove my pre-teens nuts
puked out my guts
and sent the dog through the windshield of the van

read a few books
got a few dirty looks
as I drove though the town in the van

cleaned off a shelf
found no magical elf
and did some grocery shopping with the van

folded nine thousand clothes
and even brought some of those
items home for my fam, in the van

dug and planted some seeds
in a yard full of weeds
after lugging supplies in the van

taught some classes for boys
who like to make noise
and sought silence in the refuge of my van

cooked a few hundred meals
and made a few deals
using coupons I keep in the van

wrote a few posts
and made a few boasts
about the kids I schlep around with the van

finished this in time
to meet my deadline
of the 2013 end of year

and might possibly be
the happiest me
if a Subaru replaces the van :)

Happy New Year

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