Monday, November 5, 2012

Why people hate the campaign season.

I mean, what's not to love?   It can get kind of quiet around the house sometimes, so all the incessant phone ringing really makes you feel like someone loves you and wants to talk to you.  You get to feel really special if you live in a swing state.  Your phone will jingle merrily....For. A. Whole. Year.

I don't understand why people grumble and complain about the pollsters calling either.   I only get to cast my vote once, but I get 2,376 chances to give my opinion about every issue on the ballot for national, state, county, city and ward agendas....Always. At. Supper. Time.

I'm too cheap fiscally responsible to pay for cable television or equipment upgrades, so I really missed out on all the attack ads/Super PAC blurbs/ drama this year.   I did get to see some of them while I was "running" at the gym.  Wow...had to stop and catch my breath because i am out of shape they were so serious and over the top that I was laughing too hard to exercise!  I think I should just ask a friend to burn a CD of them for me so that I can watch it and laugh for an ab workout, rather than do any sit-ups.  :)

I also have a hard time with people who don't like all the extra mailings they've garnered over the last few months.  Again, I believe it is all in your perspective.  I have heard of several different ways to use these amazing examples of demographically targeted graphic design.   I  have a friend who used them as free coloring books.  Seems all the candidates needed facial hair and glasses.   I plan on using mine as free packing material for my Christmas boxes that need to be shipped across the country....All. Five. Thousand. Fliers.

I think, perhaps the most fun though, was talking to the "live ones" that  made it to our front door.  I  was a history teacher.  I do know a little something about politics, foreign and domestic policies, economics and the U.S. Constitution. And I really like talking about them, with real people.  Real people who show up at my real  door.   Before. My. Real.  Coffee.

I have to admit I may get a little weepy as the campaign season ends tomorrow night.  I will miss all those calls from Mitt, Anne, Barack, Michelle, Clint, and Bruce inviting me to all those special events.  I may save a few on my voicemail...just for the memories.   I will miss having to empty my recycle bin eight times a week and checking the front window before I answer the doorbell.  I may even miss the ab workout at the gym induced by all those commercials.

But, like all good things, this too must come to an end.   Tomorrow morning I will commence with my once every four year ceremony of waking up before dawn, pulling all my warm layers on, brewing a fresh pot o'joe and heading over to my local polling place to stand in line with 200 of my closest friends and neighbors.  We will chit chat or complain about the weather, talk to the polling worker, get our ballots and cast our votes.   And just like that it will be over.  I will spend the evening watching the returns and yearning for  2015......

Yes, I know the next presidential election is in 2016, but I'm thinking the phone calls and mailings will find me around Jan 1, 2015...cause it appears that our politicians missed the class on that.

Vote Early!   Vote Often!


  1. I LOVE your voice in this post. Thank you for laughter, levity, and loquaciousness. (I just needed another L word). Ooh, LOVE you. :)

  2. I blame/ give all the credit for my sarcasm on the fact that I now live with two pre-teens. :)

    Love you too! Thanks for reading my little rants. lol