Tuesday, September 4, 2012

why my parents let me watch so much television in the 80's.....

OK, maybe it wasn't so much "let" as much as me taking advantage of them being busy convincing my brothers they needed to do their homework....but really...80's television???

The original  Battle Star Galactica.
The "A" Team
The Dukes of Hazard
Air Wolf
Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Buck Rogers
Knight Rider
The Love Boat
The Fall Guy
Magnum P.I.

Yikes!!!    Anybody want some MORE cheese to go with those crackers????  
'Cause I'm not seeing much on that list that can be called "Great  writing/acting/producing..."
There were a few shows that did attempt to redeem the silver screen during this decade...

The Cosby Show
Little House on the Prairie

Give me a minute... I know I can think of some more....   (cue the JEOPARDY! theme music in your head please)


But I'm betting that most children of the 80's can identify the theme songs for these shows within the first 5 notes, and then sing/hum the rest of the songs for the REST. OF. THE. DAY.  Regardless of how much we laugh at those shows now, they are ingrained in our childhood memories.   Deeply ingrained.

I realized last week just how deeply.

As I was nodding off to sleep one night, my  wonderful husband was fussing with his iPhone. It seems his old alarm tone wasn't waking him up so he needed to try a new sound clip.
Did I mention I was nodding off to sleep???
Did I mention I am a child of the 80's???
Did I mention I watched too much T.V. that decade???

Then please laugh/sympathise with me in the following scenario:

My dear husband forgets that the volume on the phone is set on high.
My sweet husband decides to try the "alarm" button on his ring tones list.... (please play the link below)
....and this mostly asleep, child of the 80's with waaaayyyy too many hours logged in front of the TV screen, sits straight up in bed with two thoughts in her head:

1) Where is my Haz-Mat Suit?????!

2) Where is MacGuyver?  We only have 30 seconds to fix this!!!

and then a third thought.....Why is my husband falling out of bed laughing???

'cause I missed the class on that while I was watching T.V.
Anyone else? 

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